WNCAP Announces Honorary Chair

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It is an extreme honor to announce the 2016 Honorary Chair, Harry Brown.

Every now and then in life, someone comes along with the ability to share every unique gift that you could possibly need in that specific moment in time.

 Harry Brown is that person.  He is that person for his friends, he is that person for me personally, and he has been that person for WNCAP for the past 16 years.  His unique, skillful intuition, directs him into action when a need arises.  A friend needs a helping hand, Harry is there.  Volunteers need assistance, Harry is there.  WNCAP needed new fundraising strategies, Harry was there.  You get the picture, Harry is always there not only making things happen, but  using his unique leadership style to coach, advise, teach, encourage, inspire, and what some of us refer to as “gently nudge”.

He is the most dedicated, and inspirational person that I know.  His dedication to help people living with HIV/AIDS is insurmountable, the way he inspires those around him to want to work harder, give a little more, dig a little deeper, and be a better person is humbling.

Harry has given us so much not only in the millions of dollars he has raised for WNCAP,  for which we are forever grateful, but to each of us he has given a unique gift that we’ll carry in our hearts for a lifetime. 

We love you Harry Brown, we honor you, and we thank you for being the incredible person you are. Congratulations Harry!

– Pam Siekman, RYH Chairperson

To read more follow the link to the Honorary Chair Page

Author: Jesse Oates Vest

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