“Getting to Zero” Fund Honors Harry Brown

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In October, at the Raise Your Hand Auction and Gala, WNCAP announced a new named fund honoring friend, advocate, and champion, Harry Brown. Harry has been a volunteer, event chair, Board member, adviser, and supporter for over 14 years and WNCAP could not be more pleased to honor him with this fund.

The Harry A. Brown Getting to Zero Fund

A permanent fund that embodies Harry’s tireless, courageous actions to move closer towards zero new cases of HIV, zero new cases of AIDS, by enhancing access to care and prevention.

  1. Telehealth connects WNCAP clients in rural areas to health care providers where they are.
    • Results
      • Client access to high quality care is enhanced
      • A 2 hour, one-way drive to an appointment is reduced to a 20 minute drive
      • Adherence to treatment increases and quality of life for our clients is improved
      • Client access to care is improved
  2. Harm Reduction supplies are made more widely available: condoms are distributed to more counties, clean      needles are accessible to our most vulnerable populations.
    • Results
      • Sexual transmission of HIV is reduced
      • Fewer people are sharing infected needles
      • Trust is built between WNCAP and our most stigmatized community members
  3. Advocacy– Legislators are educated about the barriers to care and prevention.
    • Results
      • State and Federal policymakers hear from those living with HIV about ways to overcome those barriers
      • The voices of people living with HIV are elevated and honored
      • Clients feel empowered to advocate for themselves and their community
      • More funding is allocated to HIV/ AIDS care and prevention


If you would like to donate to this fund, please follow this link to our donate page and chose the Harry A. Brown Fund.

Author: Jesse Oates Vest

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