Raise Your Hand Auction

Raise Your Hand Live Auction


Dear Community Friends

After 29 years, WNCAP is discontinuing the Raise Your Hand Auction. This decision to cancel our longest-running event was not without discussion, debate, and difficulty. Raise Your Hand has generated millions of dollars for WNCAP. It has also become a much-loved community event. Nevertheless, there is broad agreement among WNCAP staff, board, and volunteers that as WNCAP continues to mature, our development strategy must evolve to include a heightened focus on smaller, more numerous, targeted events both for fundraising and community outreach. We will continue to focus on those longtime supporters who have always been there for WNCAP, but we feel we must also engage new supporters who may not be as aware of the work we do.

We see this as an opportunity to start a new chapter for WNCAP and the community we serve. We are exploring new opportunities to galvanize the community, spread awareness, engage in advocacy, and generate resources for WNCAP. Every aspect of WNCAP’s programming, including fundraising and special events, exists within a framework of deep gratitude for our generous community. We will work hard to ensure that the fight for HIV Prevention & Care in our local community is sustained.

Yours in service

Antonio Del Toro

WNCAP Executive Director



Randy Rodriguez

WNCAP Special Events Coordinator