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According to the National AIDS Housing Coalition’s Summit Policy Paper 2005, homelessness or unstable housing is directly related to greater HIV risk among vulnerable individuals. Appropriate housing protects individuals from “exposure” to a range of individual and public health threats, including HIV, violence, harmful drug use, and incarceration. Housing protects and stabilizes not only individuals, but also their families and communities. Stable housing is necessary to reduce the correlation and persistence between homelessness, HIV infection, and poor health outcomes among individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

The Housing Opportunities for People Living with AIDS (HOPWA) program is the only Federal program dedicated to addressing the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina (AASC) provides the following financial, transitional, and long term affordable Solutions:

Short Term Rent Mortgage and Utilities (STRMU) is time limited housing assistance designed to prevent homelessness and increase housing stability.

Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) provides financial assistance to individual households that enable them to rent market-rate units.

The “Orange Community Residence” located in Carrboro, is a six bedroom licensed full-care facility staffed by skilled nurses.

The “Hustead House” located in Raleigh, is a five bedroom shared living situation for HIV+ individuals in need of transitional housing.

For information on the AASC housing program, contact James Law at (919) 834-2437 x127.

The North Carolina AIDS Drug Assistance/HIV Medications Program (ADAP)
HIV/STD Prevention and Care Branch – Division of Public Health, NC DHHS (CHANGE LINK)

North Carolina Deptartment of Health and Human Services
225 North McDowell Street
Raleigh, NC 27699-1902
Tel: (919) 733-7301
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The North Carolina Aids Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
Communicable Disease Branch
Division of Public Health, NC DHHS

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