Newly Diagnosed

Being diagnosed with HIV can be an overwhelming experience. If you have been recently diagnosed and need support, WNCAP can assist in providing resources and support to you and your loved ones. After being diagnosed, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to be in care and start your medications once you are prescribed a regimen that is right for you. Once diagnosed with HIV, you may experience several common concerns such as finding a doctor specialized in infectious diseases, affording medications, and finding an overall acceptance with living with HIV/AIDS. Know that no matter what your health insurance status is, you can find a doctor right for you and there are many programs available to you to help afford your medications.

Below are several resources in Buncombe County you can use to guide you through the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living with HIV.

Buncombe Community Resource List 2015

To learn more about HIV/AIDS, follow the Education tab on this website or visit:

Click here for more information on how WNCAP can provide more intensive services for you.

If you are newly diagnosed and want more information on services and resources, please contact WNCAP at (828) 252-7489.