WNCAP Pharmacy Services

In Fiscal Year 2017, WNCAP Pharmacy Services provided:

$35,836.87 in waived copays and deductibles for our clients.

$5,430.43 for non-covered prescriptions.

$5,555.92 in medication shipping costs.


In order to assist clients obtaining their medications easily and affordably, we offer pharmacy services that provide the following benefits:

  • Home Delivery Service – Prescription and over-the-counter medications sent directly to address of client’s choice, featuring convenient, discreet packaging
  • Prescription Assistance Programs – Medications at a discount, or even free, and insured clients may qualify for copay assistance, depending on eligibility
  • Right-On-Time Packaging Option– Designed to help with adherence, includes comprehensive pharmacy labeling, description of pill appearance and numeric identifier, color and icons specific to time of day, printed in multiple languages, easy open, with optional perforation for enhanced portability
  • Client Support – Including 24/7 access to contract pharmacy staff, as well as support from WNCAP staff as needed

Clients love WNCAP Pharmacy Services!

“[WNCAP Pharmacy Services] has been working great. No more having to remember to do refills or going to [a local pharmacy] to pick up meds.”

“Top notch service.” 

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For more information call (828) 252-7489 or visit the WNCAP office at 554 Fairview Road, Asheville, NC from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.

You can also email Pharmacy Services for more information. Please be aware that email communication can be intercepted in transmission or misdirected. Your use of email to communicate protected health information to us indicates you acknowledge and accept the possible risks associated with such communication.