Volunteer Ambassadors are critical to the success of Dining Out For Life.

1. To build a relationship with your Participating Restaurant
2. To help spread the word about Dining Out For Life 2024
3. To fill your restaurant with your family, friends, coworkers, etc.
4. To thank patrons on the event day for their support, tell them a little about WNCAP, encourage them to donate, and invite them to enter this year’s raffle for a chance to win one of three exciting grand prizes.


Ambassadors will be provided with the following supplies:

• An Ambassador Guide booklet
• WNCAP program and services info
• Ambassador badge, pens, & Dining Out For Life T-shirt
• Donation Remit Envelopes
• Table Tents
• A survey for you to fill out after your shift
• Manila envelope for all collected donation envelopes
• HIV FAQ Sheet

At the end of the event day on April 25, you will return your bag with collcted donations to O’Henry’s at 237 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801

Introduce yourself to your assigned DOFL restaurant manager. Make sure you know who to check in with when you arrive on the event day as well as what their busiest hours during your shift generally are. Ask if they need any more marketing materials. Then, invite your friends, coworkers, and everyone else you know to join you at your location. Rremind them to make reservations, if needed. Post about DOFL on your social media, and send email invitations. (Email, social media, and talking scripst will be provided).


Wear clothing that would be appropriate at your location. The name badge and T-shirt are provided to help you officially represent WNCAP and DOFL. Don’t forget to bring your supply bag!

Re-introduce yourself and check in with your confirmed contact. Thank them again for being a part of the
event. Ask them to identify an appropriate spot for you to sit and place your materials. Offer the staff a small stack of donation envelopes for their take-out orders that day.


Approach tables once patrons have had their drink orders taken.
You’ll want to keep your visit to each table to about 1-2 mins max.
Relax, smile, and remember to be yourself and you’ll be great! 
You represent WNCAP, and patrons are already supporting just by placing their order. Don’t forget to thank them for being there.
Then, invite them to further support WNCAP’s mission and hand them the donation envelope and remind them that anyone who donates $25 or more gets entered into a raffle to win 1 of 3 amazing prizes.

Ask if they have any questions. Thank them again for supporting WNCAP. Leave donation envelopes and pens on their table for them to fill out their donation envelopes while they enjoy their meal.

Collect donation envelopes from each table before they are cleared,
if possible. Place completed envelopes in the manila envelope provided in your ambassador bag.
Scripts will be provided for help and inspiration when approaching tables!

Individuals near and far are invited to donate to DOFL. During the event, patrons can donate directly via their ambassadors using the provided donation envelopes.

• Donate by check: Fill out the donation evnelope and write your check out to WNCAP.
• Donate with cash: Fill out the donation envelope with contact information and include cash/change in the envelope.
• Donate with credit card: Fill out the donation envelope with contact information and credit card details.
• Donate securely online: All DOFL donation envelopes will include a QR code that points to our donations page.

For more information or for questions about this year's Dining Out For Life Ambassador Program, please email or call (828) 252-7489.

Please check our list of 2024 participating restaurants (regularly updated with new restaurants). If you know of a restaurant that you think would like to participate, send us an email.