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“Mark’s Journey,” A Client Narrative

Written by a WNCAP Case Manager Mark began his journey in Buncombe County through a court ordered treatment program trying to assist him with his recovery from the alcohol and drugs that landed him outside of Asheville.  He was very hopeful and wanted to make this change.  The first transitional housing he came to closed…

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Let’s Talk Hepatitis

Hepatitis  by Michael Harney “-ITIS” is an ending added to the names of body parts to indicate inflammation, i.e. swelling or injury.  Thus, bronch-itis means inflamed lung pipes, laryng-itis describes a sore voicebox. This month, let’s discuss hepat-itis – inflammation of the liver. The liver, located under the right ribcage, is responsible for decontaminating our…


Lessons learned at US Conference on AIDS

USCA 2015: A Lesson in Cultural Competency By Amanda Stem A group of WNCAP Staff, case managers and educators, had the generous opportunity to attend the United States Conference on HIV/AIDS in Washington D.C. for 5 days in September. My first day left me tired and overwhelmed. I was in this beautiful city among a…

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