September 27 – October 3 | 5B Documentary Screening

Between Friday, September 27 and Thursday, October 3, WNCAP and the Grail Moviehouse will present 5B, a documentary about activist nurses in the first-ever AIDS ward in San Francisco.

This inspiring film demonstrates the power of ordinary people to display extraordinary compassion in the midst of intense stigma and fear. A portion of all proceeds will benefit WNCAP.

On Wednesday, October 2, there will be a special screening at 7pm that will raise even more resources for WNCAP and feature a panel discussion afterwards.

Students at any school will receive a discounted ticket price of $5 as long as they can provide proof of status at the box office.

Tickets for the special screening on October 2 are available here.

Tickets for the other regular showtimes are available here.

For more information about WNCAP’s screening of 5B, please contact Michael at or call (828) 252-7489 ext. 313.

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