Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Drive

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Drive. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to purchase every item on every child’s wish list! Without your generous support, our kids affected by HIV/AIDS would have to wake up to an empty tree this week.

You can still support the administrative costs of Merry & Bright, including staff time, wrapping paper, and transportation – HERE!

We want to thank all of our generous local and out of state donors, especially the ladies of Biltmore Lake and WestField. One donor in particular, who wishes to remain anonymous, supplied each child with a warm new blanket. We continue to be humbled by the kindness and compassion of this community of WNCAP supporters!

Life can be challenging for kids affected by HIV/AIDS – all the more so in 2020. COVID-19 disproportionately affected people living with HIV. Many of our clients lost their jobs, housing, or ability to leave the house because of a compromised immune system.

Donate to Merry & Bright HERE!

But we can still make the holidays sparkle for children affected by HIV in our local community. How? Stepping in to play Santa Claus!

Every year, clients approach us with tears in their eyes explaining how without Merry & Bright, they couldn’t afford presents for their children.

Did you know $50 is enough to fulfill one child’s entire wishlist? That might not seem like a lot – but it means the world to a little boy or girl who doesn’t have to wake up to an empty tree.

Chip in $50 to sponsor a single boy or girl’s Happy Holiday! 

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our clients in 2020, whether by donating, volunteering, or simply being an ally. Please know that your gift has a big impact in our clients’ lives – and their children. Thank you for your compassion ❤️

We are accepting donations well into December. For more information on donating non-monetary items, including clothes, toys, and wrapping paper, please contact Chris at or call (828) 252-7489.

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